Founded in 1988, Giantnet Corporation focused its energy on supplying excellent computer peripheral products to the worldwide market. Based on a flexible response to market conditions and excellent product quality, Giantnet's goal is to create a positive channel to its customers, with the ultimate goal being mutual maximization of profits. Based on the substantial experience of its founders, Giantnet began offering a lineup of local area network solutions, such as Workgroup and SOHO network systems. Providing user friendly, powerful, network solutions to its customers now constitutes Giantnet's most important business activity.

Innovative technology and reliable products are the goals we constantly strive to achieve. To that end, Giantnet depends on strong R&D. Producing high quality hardware and software - designed for outstanding performance - in addition to providing our valued customers with the utmost in service, has been, and will always be, our number one priority.

The full range of products turned out as a result of our powerful research capability has met with worldwide customer satisfication. We are committed to fulfilling our customers' requirements, and welcome feedback and suggestions for how we can improve our offerings in order to give our customers the utmost advantage. Giantnet has a well staffed and trained professional marketing team, and stands ready to assist our clients in whatever way we can.

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